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Quality Management Procedures

Hukalo Oberg Engineering Ltd. will be available to handle quality issues including customer concerns and service complaints. We have a strict quality management process in place to ensure the success of your project.

Our quality management includes the following:

  • Quality control occurs with selecting systems and equipment with quality, long life and proven performance. During design, alternates are reviewed and listed on approved equipment list.
  • To maintain workmanship and quality control during construction, we attend scheduled prime consultant reviews or on an as need basis.
  • Specifications include work site safety and certificate of safety program by the contractor.
  • Hukalo Oberg Engineering Ltd. personnel during construction will comply with contractor safety requirements related to hard hat, safety glasses and steel-toed footwear.
  • Hukalo Oberg Engineering Ltd. personnel will attend as required facility orientation to ensure compliance to facilities management protocol in regard to such items as hearing protection, fire procedure and client confidentiality.
  • Technical and operation difficulties experienced during the first year warranty would be addressed.

Creativity / Innovation

Creative or innovative ways to provide redundancy, reduced maintenance and reduced utility costs will be reviewed during preliminary systems upgrade study and design phase.

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