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Our Design & Development Approach

The following represents the methodology and work plans used by Hukalo Oberg Engineering Ltd. to provide mechanical consultant services for a typical project. This would be modified to meet the requirements of your specific project. Find more information about the construction phase and our quality management services.

Schematic Design Phase

Schematic design would include the following:

  • Review the requirements furnished by the client and prime consultant and the characteristics of the site.
  • Review and comment on the construction budget in relation to the client’s requirements.
  • Review with prime consultant alternative approaches to the design of the project and types of construction contracts.
  • Prepare and submit to the prime consultant a statement of probable construction costs based on current area or volume unit costs.
  • Review and obtain approval before proceeding to next phase.

Design / Development Phase

  • Attend design development phase meetings.
  • After schematic design replacement and approved estimate of construction cost is approved, prepare design development documents consisting of drawings and other documents to describe the size and character of the entire project.
  • Obey all applicable statutes, regulations, codes and bylaws.
  • Provide a cost estimate and schedule based on the design development documents.

Detailed Design

After design development is approved, we proceed with contract documents. We provide consultant services which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Carry out detailed design and prepare drawings and technical specifications providing necessary details for construction.
  • Provide the appropriate contractual and administrative sections of the specification.
  • Coordinate activities with other consultants involved on work related to the project.
  • Liaise with authorities as required.
  • Attend design coordination meetings.
  • Provide progress drawings, sketches and reproduction necessary for satisfactory planning of the work.
  • Advise prime consultant in a timely manner of any changes in the probable construction costs or time schedules for the work.
  • At the completion of contract document preparation, submit a pre-tender report highlighting the work included in the tender documents, including changes to the cost estimate if any.

Tender / Pricing Phase

  • Preparation of construction tender documents for tendering.
  • Obtain all information as requested during the tendering process, issue addenda and analyze alternatives or substitutions.
  • Review the quotations received for compliance with the specifications and price and prepare recommendation to prime consultant.
  • Upon receipt of tender, participate in the selection / award of tenders, and ensure that the successful contractor provides the necessary documentation as requested.
  • Attend pre-tender meeting for renovation and modernization projects with highly recommended attendance by bidders.

If you have questions about our design or tendering process, we are happy to address them during your initial consultation. If you prefer, feel free to ask a question using our contact form.

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