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Engineering Services during the Construction Phase

Experienced in the mechanical design of various structures, including health care facilities and schools, Hukalo Oberg Engineering Ltd. has an impressive track record handling projects of all sizes. The following engineering services would be provided during construction.


  • Attend construction site meetings, including going over RFIs (request for information) and PCNs (proposed change notice).
  • Prepare inspection comments, construction reviews and forward to prime consultant.
  • Establish, in consultation with the prime consultant, the time lines for the contractors to correct deficient items.

Construction Supervision

  • Ensure competent personnel supervise the work.
  • Inspect the work and submit written inspection reports to the prime consultant. Ensure all no-cost site instructions are documented and that a copy is forwarded to the prime consultant.
  • Ensure the contractor performs the work in accordance with contract documents.

Construction Contract Administration

  • Provide a high level of inspection, engineering services and report to the prime consultant.
  • Ensure all inspections are conducted by the appropriate inspection agency.
  • Review progress claims.
  • Provide general services during construction such as: issue amendments, administer all requests for RFIs and PCNs, inspection of construction progress, attend site meetings and ensure construction conforms to approved plans and amendments.
  • Prepare contemplated change orders and forward to the prime consultant for pricing, review pricing and submit to the prime consultant with a recommendation of acceptance or rejection.
  • Provide revised specifications for change orders as may be required.
  • During the warranty period ensure warranty items are corrected in a timely manner.
  • Provide guidance to the contractor in the interpretation of the contract documents.
  • Coordinate, review and approve operation and maintenance manuals.

Performance Testing & Post-Construction Services

  • Performance testing and witness testing requirements will be included in tender documents.
  • All technical and operational difficulties experienced during the first-year warranty would be addressed.
  • Attend year-end inspection.

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